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‘Big Love’: ‘The Henricksons are just another unconventional family’

Here are the answers to your questions for Big Love’s” Bill Paxton, who plays polygamist patriarch Bill Henrickson on the HBO drama.

HBO just announced today that they have picked up the show for a fourth season. So congrats to Bill and the whole “Big Love” family!

Paxton grew up in Texas, the son of a business owner. He explained that his dad’s office, at a manufacturer of fine hardwoods, was much like Bill H.’s office at Home Plus, which overlooks the sales floor. Paxton opted to move to N.Y. and become and actor rather than take over the family business. Ironically, his dad, John Paxton, has since become an actor, with roles in all three “Spider-Man” pics.

Paxton, a married father of two is, like Bill H., a family man, albeit a much more conventional family than the one depicted on the show.

Paxton teases that in the current season (episode 4 airs Sunday), Bill H. will be put through about “every crisis a man can go through.” He also was pleased to report that the Obamas watch the show and joked that perhaps the Henricksons will become “America’s other first family.”

Our favorite question is the first one here, asked by Kevin, who wins a DVD set of season 2. Kevin, I will email you to get details.


Q. How would you describe Bill to someone else? I ask because my own feelings toward him started to change in the second season. Without saying too much about my own feelings, I’m curious to hear how you approach the character. — Kevin
A. He’s an American businessman, a visionary; he’s ambitious, law-abiding. He has a great sense of history and is a student of his own history and faith. He’s family oriented and takes his responsibilities seriously. He’s in a tough situation because he doesn’t have the same opportunities as other businessmen, because of his lifestyle. That’s how he justifies in his mind getting into the gambling business. Because those people are not judging him for his lifestyle. They know about it and they accept it.