CBS gets casting kudos from me

CBS gets casting kudos from me for planting some of my favorite thesps in supporting roles in new shows. Grantshow

For starters, I’m glad to see that the swinging couple Tom and Trina, dearly departed of “Swingtown,” have found work. Grant Show (pictured right) has landed on Jenna Elfman’s “Accidentally on Purpose.” She’s a film critic at a newspaper (there’s a disappearing breed, eh?), and he plays her charming boss who’s trying to rekindle their relationship. Bet he’s not so charming when the review comes in half-hour late and 20 inches too long…

Lanaparrilla Lana Parrilla (pictured left) has traded Trina’s sexy frocks for the scrubs of “Miami Trauma,” where she plays a brilliant, workaholic surgeon. During the Paley Festival “Swingtown” sesh Parrilla commented on how distressed she was about having such a bland wardrobe on “Trauma” compared to “Swingtown.”

(It’s been a good pilot season for the core “Swingtown” troupe: the other two male leads, Josh Hopkins and Jack Davenport, wound up on ABC’s “Cougar Town” and “Flash Forward,” respectively. Michael Rady, who played the hgh school teacher who had an affair with his teenage student, is on CW’s “Melrose Place.” Britt Robertson, who played the daughter of the coke-head mom, is the lead of CW’s midseason drama “Parental Discretion Advised.” Molly Parker is on board the HBO pilot “The Wonderful Maladays.” And Miriam Shor has her hands full with her very own production, due to arrive in late summer.) Mattczuchry

A thesp who first impressed me some years ago on “Gilmore Girls,” Matt Czuchry (pictured right), is going to be vying for power and position at the “Good Wife” law firm where Julianna Margulies will be working this fall. Czuchry (pronounced Zoo-cree) was great in his brief run in “Friday Night Lights” two seasons ago. I’ve never seen him give a sub-par perf. Here’s hoping this is the role that puts him over.

Juliaormond And finally, Julia Ormond (pictured left), a classy actress of notable range, is now the head of transplant surgery on “Three Rivers.”