“Brothers” — First impressions


(I emphasize that these are first impressions, not a full-fledged review nor a hit-or-miss prediction. Most pilots at this stage of the game are very much works in progress.)


Cons: It’s an MOR ethnic comedy with no pizzazz. The great CCH Pounder is miscast in the wise mother role.

“Brothers” wasn’t baaaaaaaaaaaaad on the scale of say, “Do Not Disturb” or “Kath and Kim.” It’s just milquetoast. I can’t tell what anyone saw in it to deem it worthy of picking up.

I’ve always been fond of Daryl “Chill” Mitchell but he comes off as if he’s phoning this one in. Pounder could read the fine print on the license agreement to sign in to FoxFlash.com and be more engaging than she is in this role as a loving mom just tryin’ to keep the family together — with a particularly uninspired catchphrase. Michael Strahan’s acting chops leave a lot to be desired.

After thinking about it a bit, it struck me as something NBC might’ve developed in the late 1980s as a companion piece to “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” — and then passed on. It also occurred to me that this is the kind of ultra-cliched sitcom formula that Mitch Hurwitz would send up, not put his name on as an exec producer.

All that said, it’s not “Kath and Kim.” So here’s to hoping that the creative stewards of this show find inspiration and something better to do with Pounder’s prodigious talent. Fast.