Hart Hanson has answered your questions about Bones.” We had an overwhelming response and so not all of your questions were submitted to him but I tried my best to represent the most burning questions. Whenever possible, I combined similar queries.

“Bones” has been picked up for two more seasons so you have more adventures of Booth and Brennan to look forward to.

Executive producer Stephen Nathan did not participate but I still included his picture. (Hart’s on the left and Stephen’s on the right in the pic below.)

“Bones” obviously has a loyal and fervent following. We appreciate your participation. Enjoy.

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What is something you really want to do on the show but feel you would
break the budget with if you even attempted to have it done?
Oh, there’s so much we could do with more money. We’d like to be out in
the world more, we’d like cooler effects, we’d like to use the
Angelator more, we’d like to give David more action sequences, we’d
like to do a “train” episode … it’s a very long list. In fact, we’d
like to utilize some of our favorite guest stars even more. But this is
a harsh world and somehow we have to use intelligence and creativity in
place of budget to get the effects we want — money is a lot easier.

Will the writers approach the writing process differently now that
“Bones” has been picked up for 2 seasons instead of 1?
(Miraya) And how
much will the cliffhanger affect the creative direction of the show for
season 5?
Being picked up for two seasons will indeed have an effect on the
unfolding storylines within “Bones.” We may be able to get a “run” at a
few things that we’d be guessing about otherwise. And the cliffhanger
from last season may mean something different to us than it did to the
audience. But having fudged that answer brilliantly (didn’t need budget
for that, did we?) yes, the cliffhanger from Season 4 has a very
definite effect on Season 5.