‘Bones’: Let’s go back to the lab

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for questions has now passed. I’m sorting through them and sending them on to Hart. All questions will be considered. (Only the 50 most recent show up here.) Check back soon for the answers. Thanks.

Our next Q&A is with the “Bones” creative team — creator-showrunner Hart Hanson and executive producer Stephen Nathan, who just happen to be two of the funniest guys I know.

Bones With its smart characters, witty banter and playful take on solving the most gruesome of crimes, Fox’s “Bones” has become a must-see on Thursday nights, or any other night the network airs it. Over the course of four seasons, the “will they or won’t they” vibe that surrounds main characters Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan has been deftly handled — walking the line between interesting verbal foreplay and the audience’s demands to get on with it already — without losing any of the red-hot chemistry. With its eclectic cast of supporting characters, Bones is more complex and engaging than the average crime scene procedural — it’s proof that as the series has grown and matured, its payoffs are more satisfying.

The Season 4 finale is Thursday so it’s the perfect time to submit your questions.

Here are the guidelines:

1)    Hit the comment button below and ask your question by May 19.
2)    Please keep the questions about the creative process and don’t ask questions about future plotlines, which would never be revealed anyway.
3)    You may ask more than one question but we are looking for quality, not quantity. Asking more will not guarantee that you’ll get an answer. In the spirit of fairness, we try to give plenty of folks a chance.
4)    Read through the other comments to make sure you’re not repeating something that’s already been asked.
5)    Be clever and have fun.
6)    The person who asks the best question will receive a special prize to be determined.

— Posted by Kathy Lyford and Sara Farr