‘Big Love’ Q&A: Compounding the drama

Big Love star Bill Paxton is the next guest in our Q&A series. He’ll be answering reader questions here on Season Pass.

Biglove09_01HBO’s drama about a polygamist and his three wives bows its third season Jan. 18. While many of HBO’s shows have long hiatuses, “Big Love’s” was extra long due to the WGA strike and hasn’t aired since August 2007. In the interim, the lifestyle portrayed on the show received a worldwide stage in April of 2008 when authorities raided Warren Jeffs’ polygamist compound in Texas and took more than 400 children into protective custody.  According to TV Guide’s print edition, the show will address that real-life event in its premiere episode.

I’ll be sitting down with Bill to present your questions on Jan. 14 so please submit them by Jan. 13. You know the drill by now but here are the rules:

1) Hit the comment button below and ask your question by Jan. 13.
2) You may ask more than one question but we are looking for quality, not quantity. Asking more will not guarantee that you’ll get an answer. In the spirit of fairness, we try to give plenty of folks a chance.
3) Read through the other comments to make sure you’re not repeating something that’s already been asked.
4) Keep in mind that actors are not always aware of future plot points.
5) Be clever and have fun.

The person who asks the question Bill likes best will win a DVD set of Season 2.

Posted by Kathy Lyford

(Paxton pictured above with his TV wives, from left, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Chloe Sevigny)