“Accidentally on Purpose”: First impressions


Finally, pilot screeners are starting to land on my desk. Here’s my first impressions of CBS sitcom “Accidentally on Purpose.”

(I emphasize that these are first impressions, not a full-fledged review nor a hit-or-miss prediction. Most pilots at this stage of the game are very much works in progress.)

Pro: Jenna Elfman, Jon Foster, Ashley Jensen, Grant Show.

Con: I didn’t get any real laughs out of it. The premise and dialogue felt very flat, even when the elements were all there for it to pop. Elfman is good at the screwball sitcom thing, and that makes her fun to watch. But her character, 37-year-old S.F. newspaper film critic Billie, doesn’t get very fleshed out in the first seg.

There’s more telling than showing about her predicament of getting pregnant from a one-night stand with a younger guy (Foster) just as her former commitment-phobic flame and current boss (Show) decides he’d like to rekindle their relationship. Jensen is entertaining as Billie’s Scottish best friend, but she’s still a caricature of a party girl.

Overall, there just isn’t much to hang on to yet with any of these folks. Elfman deserves a more dynamic character. So does Show.