ABC gets casting kudos from me

Some of my fave thesp discoveries from recent years are popping up in ABC’s new series.

Elizabeth Mitchell tops the list. The fantastically talented “Lost” player toplines “V.” OhModernfamilytyburrell Juliet, we miss you already.

Ty Burrell (pictured right) — this dude is a comedy star. He’s back with Levitan and Lloyd on “Modern Family.” (Burrell’s an alum of L&L’s “Back to You.”)

Jack Davenport — aka Bruce from “Swingtown” is in “Flash Forward”

Flashforwardsonyawalger Sonya Walger (pictured left) — aka Penny from “Lost” — is also in “Flash Forward”

Josh Hopkins — aka Roger from “Swingtown” is in “Cougar Town”

Brian Van Holt (pictured below left) — the charming rogue from “John from Cincinnati” also resides in “Cougar Town.”

Melinda McGraw (pictured below right) — the sleazy Bobbie Barrett from “Mad Men” — has gone domestic opposite Kelsey Grammer in “Hank.” That should be a fun pairing.

Reiko Aylesworth — late of “Lost” and “24” — is on the case of “The Forgotten.”