Mike Handley, Emmy Award-winning TV/radio spokesman and film narrator, died April 10 in Citrus Heights, Calif. He was 66.

Handley lent his voice to everything from campaign commercials for Ronald Reagan to corporate clients such as Toyota and McDonald’s, as well as PSAs and films. He also regularly narrated for every agency and department of the U.S. government and for other government outlets such as Interpol. During the 1980’s, he was tapped to be the personal announcer for Larry King.

A member and media instructor for SAG and AFTRA, , Handley was also passionate about animal welfare and received an award for his PSA “Chili Dog.” which educated on the risks and dangers of leaving pets outside or within vehicles, and founded the Animal Injury Hotline in Washington, eliminating confusion between immediate help for injured animals and the other responsibilities of the Washington Humane Society.

Handley moved to Iceland in 1999 where he was the owner of the English Language Center in Reykjavik. Handley spent much of his last year working in California to bring Icelandic and other foreign language broadcasts to the U.S. through the resources of SCOLA.

He is survived by a son.