Sedgwick crusades against plastic

Actress takes action to reduce waste

For most of her adult life, Kyra Sedgwick has been an anti-plastic crusader. Here are the hard facts that worry her most:

“Less than 20% of plastic bottles are recycled in this country,” she says. “Less than 7% of all plastic is recycled.

“Each month, 42 billion plastic bags are used worldwide. Where will they end up? … Plastic does not biodegrade. It fills landfills and, when it ends up in the ocean, breaks into little pieces, is ingested by birds and fish, and ultimately ends up in our food chain.”

What kind of action can we take to reduce plastic waste?

“We need to stop buying bottled water. Buy a cool-looking stainless steel, dishwasher-safe bottle. Fill up your water from the tap — it’s better for you. Get a few cool, reusable (shopping bags) for groceries, knowing these bags can be used hundreds of times. … We need to make bottles and plastic bags socially unacceptable.”