Elected leaders of the Screen Actors Guild may take a stand against the closure of the Motion Picture and Television Fund’s nursing home and hospital.

National board member Elliott Gould told Daily Variety that he’s planning to discuss the issue at the Hollywood division board meeting Monday night.

“We want to try to persuade the management to refrain from removing the neediest people out of the home,” he added.

Gould also said he has not finalized the proposal that would go before the Hollywood board, which is dominated by the Membership First faction. Gould’s been one of the most prominent supporters of Membership First, which lost control of the national board last fall.

MPTF execs have asserted repeatedly since the surprise announcement in January that the worsening economy has left them with no alternative but to close the money-losing facilities.

They’ve stressed that the fund will continue to operate its independent and assisted-care facilities in Woodland Hills and half a dozen health centers in the Los Angeles area — along with modernizing the Woodland Hills campus and expanding its medical and social services for industry retirees.

Supporters of the 100 patients being transferred and the 290 MPTF staffers being laid off have contended that the fund’s not fulfilling its obligation to patients.