With “Star Trek” taking off as a franchise again, Roddenberry Prods. is getting ready to provide fans with a look back at how various TV series were produced, inking a $2 million deal with Toolbox Prods. for more than 500 hours of previously unseen footage.

The Toolbox library consists of interviews with cast and crew, as well as behind-the-scenes material shot over the past 20 years, starting with “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and progressing through the three other spinoff series that followed.

Footage will be assembled for a video-based encyclopedia that covers “Star Trek’s” mythology and characters.

Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, the son of late “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry and CEO of Roddenberry Prods., will appear as host of the DVD set, which will showcase the archived material in high-def.

“This footage is a gold mine,” Roddenberry said. “With the enormous success of the new movie, now is the perfect time for us to share what made ‘Star Trek’ so special with the legions of new and old fans worldwide.”

Talks with distributors are under way. No release date has yet been set.

Donald Beck, founder, prexy and CEO of Toolbox Prods., will serve as online producer. Toolbox has spent the past two decades producing DVD projects, TV specials and on-air promos, ads and main titles for networks.

Acquisition is the latest move by Roddenberry Prods. to make the company a legitimate player in the sci-fi space again.

Company bowed in 1967, around the launch of the original “Star Trek” series. It has produced such properties as “Earth: Final Conflict” and “Andromeda” since then but has been relatively quiet lately.

It’s looking to introduce properties across various platforms and beef up its merchandising and licensing business.

Earlier this year, Roddenberry inked a deal with Archaia to publish a series of comicbooks beginning this July with “Days Missing,” Roddenberry’s first new graphic novel title in decades.

Under a new deal, Roddenberry Prods. will provide previously unseen footage of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ and other series.