Emmys shift means long night gets longer

Attendees needed earlier for prerecorded segments

Following the announcement that Emmy Award attendees may now need to be seated at L.A.’s Nokia Theater an hour earlier than usual for the pre-recorded portion of the show, the red carpet regime — camera crews, photographers, stars, publicists, hairstylists, etc. — must now prepare for a long night to get even longer.

As the news began to spread, publicists around town were trying to figure out just how the change will affect their clients.

“I’m still trying to digest this information, but I assume they hope and expect that all the nominees will show up for the pre-record portion,” said PMK/HBH’s Catherine Olim. “That potentially means a much earlier start for everyone.”

In the immediate aftermath of the announcement, it was unclear if doors to the show would strictly close at 4:15 p.m. or if stars would be allowed to slip in as the pre-recorded show is taking place.

Carri McClure, who reps Emmy nominee Marcia Gay Harden, pointed out that when a client already has a very tight schedule, any change will make difference.

“It is going to a little tricky,” said McClure, since Harden is currently starring on Broadway’s “God of Carnage” and has two shows the Saturday before the Emmys and a show the day after. “I was going to have her fly in early Sunday morning, but now have to figure out just how early to get her here,” she added.

This earlier start time may also affect pre-show coverage, but networks say it is too soon to know just what those effects will be.

“We are still in the process of figuring it out as we work with the Academy and the producers of the show,” said a rep for the TV Guide Network.

A rep for E! echoed the sentiment, saying, “We have no update at this time, but we are assessing how the change will affect our coverage plans.”

The schedule change affects not only the stars and the networks but all those involved in the red-carpet preparations.

“If the doors do shut an hour earlier than usual, it means everything will have to shift an hour earlier from hair and makeup to cars. Your day has to start an hour early,” said ID-PR’s Bebe Lerner.

But many say they will adjust their schedule as needed to make sure they are there for the big night.

“It is going to be a bit of a challenge,” said McClure. “But a challenge we are willing to take on.”