Some one has finally fixed the “Caps Lock” button on the CW’s computers.

Until recently, the netlet has insisted on calling its upcoming midseason drama “Life UneXpected” — yes, with the “X” capitalized.

The stylistic choice was a play on the show’s lead character, who is named “Lux.”

But someone must have finally informed the CW’s marketing team that viewers will either be confused by that cap “X,” or they’ll get it — but think it’s clever for about five minutes.

That’s because the “X” is now “x,” and the latest marketing materials for “Life Unexpected” spell it out as, well, it should be spelled out.

The CW also insisted earlier this year on referring to its frosh drama “The Beautiful Life” as “The Beautiful Life: TBL.” “TBL” was canceled — but not before one critic pointed out that the title looked like an abbreviation for “The Beautiful Life: Terrible.”

The C-Dub isn’t the only network to insist on unusual spellings or styles for its titles: CBS long referred to the now-benched “Numb3rs,” even though “3” is not recognized as a letter by most English speakers.

TNT, meanwhile, recently referred to its nurse drama as “HawthoRNe,” because, yes, the abbreviation for registered nurse happened to reside inside the word.

Journos aren’t immune to the trend either. Scribes and bloggers have taken to abbreviating “How I Met Your Mother” as “HIMYM” because, let’s face it, reporters aren’t paid enough to type out such a long title. And fans have started referring to “The Vampire Diaries” as “TVD” because, well, “VD” would make it a completely different show.

“Life Unexpected” bows Jan. 18 on the CW.