They were once called stewardesses until the unisex term “flight attendant” came into fashion. Now the CW has a new name for them: fly girls.

The Dub net has picked up eight hourlong episodes of reality show “Fly Girls,” which focuses on a group of female Virgin America flight attendants — as they live together in Los Angeles and jet to locales such as Las Vegas, South Beach and New York.

“This show is about real, down-to-earth young women who happen to have landed in an exceptionally glamorous, high-flying career filled with exotic locations and handsome strangers,” said CW alternative programming senior VP Kristen Vadas.

Show’s depiction of flight attendants appears to be a throwback to the groovy, high-flying pre-deregulation era of passenger airlines.

Collins Avenue Prods. is behind the show; Jeff Collins and Colin Nash are exec producers. Co-exec producers include Bradley Bredeweg, Peter Paige, Larry Bond and Virgin America marketing VP Porter Gale.

Virgin America is working closely with the producers; Gale said the show will depict how the airline’s “in-flight teammates are rewriting the script and bringing the style and fun back to flying.”

“Fly Girls” reps the latest reality show to depict the inner workings at an airline. A&E’s “Airline” went inside Southwest Airlines, while Travel Channel’s “Flight Attendant School” was set inside Frontier Airlines.