In another case of TV making for strange bedfellows, NBC Universal will assist CBS in launching the Eye’s upcoming “NCIS” spinoff.

USA has struck a deal with CBS to air the two “NCIS” episodes from this past season that set the stage for this fall’s newcomer “NCIS: Los Angeles.”

USA already carries reruns of “NCIS,” currently the top-rated off-net series on cable.

The two “NCIS” episodes featuring “NCIS: Los Angeles” stars Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J run Friday on USA.

Normally, episodes from the just-ended season’s run of “NCIS” wouldn’t be available so quickly — but the Eye saw a marketing opportunity by advancing the segs to USA. The cabler was happy to help CBS market the spinoff in exchange for an early crack at the episodes.

Such a quid pro quo is in stark contrast to last month’s brutal back-and-forth between the Peacock and the Eye over “Medium.” After both sides failed to come to a deal for the show — NBC wanted fewer episodes than what CBS TV Studios was looking to produce — the Peacock wound up canceling the show.

In dropping “Medium,” NBC execs dismissed the show’s performance — leading CBS TV Studios to send out an unusual press release condemning the Peacock for dumping the series.

But ultimately, a conglom feud of this sort can go only so far. With the congloms in business with each other on many different fronts, it’s no surprise that, a month later, two different divisions of NBC Universal and CBS Corp. are playing nice.