“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” exec producer Tom Forman is developing another three-hanky reality skein, partnering with RDF USA to adapt the format “Find My Family” for ABC.

A Dutch property that is now a huge hit in Australia, “Find My Family” follows the stories of people desperate to find a long-lost friend or relative.

“It’s a show about hope, and look at everything happening in our country right now,” said RDF exec VP Greg Goldman. “I got emotional watching the foreign format.”

Cameras roll as the show’s participants reveal what happened to their relationship — and are there when the people are reunited. Forman said “Family” will likely provide just as big of an emotional wallop as “Home Edition.”

“It’s big emotions, and we don’t even have to give out a free house or a million bucks,” he said. “It’s good-for-the-soul TV, showing people who are missing a piece of their life and bringing them back to the brother they never knew they had or the mother they’re been looking for.”

Former NFL linebacker Tim Green, who also hosted “A Current Affair,” is set to host “Find My Family.” He’ll be joined by former KTTV and KCBS entertainment reporter Lisa Joyner, who will also host. Forman said the two hosts come to the show with their own personal history: Both were adopted and eventually found their birth parents.

Forman and RDF just finished the first cut of the “Find My Family” pilot, which includes stories such as a man who’s looking for his birth parents because his son is about to be deployed to Afghanistan — and he wants to give his son a full family medical history.

Show will contain multiple reunions per episode; the pilot included three stories, but ABC and the producers are still hammering out the format.

Alphabet will likely make a decision on whether to pick up the show in the next month or two. But the producers believe “Family” makes a good fit with ABC’s feel-good lineup of reality shows such as “Home Edition,” “Dancing With the Stars” and RDF’s “Wife Swap.”

“They’re the homerun network for this show,” Goldman said.

Forman is executive producing through his RelativityReal banner; Goldman is also an exec producer, along with RDF Media USA topper Chris Coelen and RDF USA’s Tony Yates. Julie Laughlin-Jones is an exec producer as well.

Forman is repped by UTA.