TV Asahi scores three punishments

Questionable conduct is trouble for broadcaster

While incidents involving questionable reporting, phony shows and employee misbehavior are becoming more common across Japan’s broadcasting sector, TV Asahi scored three separate punishments on the same day, April 21.

A TV Asahi deputy g.m. got a three-month suspension after being arrested on suspicion of assaulting a cop earlier in April.

A three-month pay cut was also imposed on the exec in charge of variety show “Joho Seiri Variety Uso Buster!” (News Wrap Variety — Lie Buster!), for a January broadcast that presented a staff-produced blog as the real deal. The Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization had already issued a reprimand.

And a one-month pay cut was handed down for five managers of “Hai! TV Asahi Desu” (Yes! This Is TV Asahi) who ran video footage of the chairman of the National Federation of Land Development Assns., taken from an unrelated program, implying that he was mixed up in an embezzlement case. After he protested, the watchdog org reprimanded Asahi for “violating broadcasting ethics.”