Will Tonys go the way of Emmys?

Jacksons prep for 'reunion' tour

THE EMMY awards just returned themselves to full length presentations after having announced a plan to truncate their ceremony. Now, when will the theater’s Antoinette Perry Awards reverse themselves on their silly, short-sighted denial of Tony votes for the first night press? These are the very people who see all the shows and care about what is happening in theater.

This columnist will continue to refer to Tony winners as such, because theater people deserve the few honors they get. But we won’t be promoting or helping the award show itself, if we can avoid it. Ever since Alexander Cohen ran the Tonys I have tried to do all I can to promote them. But “Tony” has betrayed the trust of the very voters who cared for the show the most.

WHAT A surprise rumor that Brad Pitt is ready to step into Guy Ritchie’s production of “Sherlock Holmes” to play Holmes’ arch rival Professor James Moriarty. This — according to British tabs and other far-flung sources — came after studio execs did not like the rough cut of Ritchie’s take on the classic tale, which also stars Robert Downey Jr. as Holmes and Jude Law as Dr. Watson. (Hmmm…this is a long sexy way from cadaverous Basil Rathbone and doddering Nigel Bruce.) Brad is an old friend of Ritchie. He starred in Ritchie’s gangster film “Snatch” back in 2000.

THE JACKSON family is doing themselves no favors, public relations-wise with their plans to stage a big “tribute” to brother, Michael — a 10- city “reunion” tour.

There’s lots of in-fighting over billing, money, all the usual Jackson issues. Boy, you didn’t have to be a seer to have predicted that the Jacksons were going to unite over Michael’s body and try to dredge up a few more millions. (What the hell did they do with all the money Michael poured into the family for thirty-plus years?)

Janet Jackson seems to find the tour a bit distasteful, and is not eager to headline. Well, she is the only Jackson besides Michael who went out and made her own money from her talent.

I’ve said it before: Michael was the super-star engine who drove the Jackson Five to success. Jermaine Jackson — who gets creepier with every “Larry King Live” TV appearance — didn’t have the stuff. Nor did Tito, Marlon or Jackie. The entire Jackson clan lived off Michael from day one.