‘September Issue’ in vogue

Katie Holmes to launch clothing line

COMING ANY minute! The film that sizzled at the Edinburgh Film Festival and is a riveting 88 minutes of life in the fast lane when Vogue magazine was doing its massive 2007 September Issue. In fact, I told you back on July 1st that the documentary “The September Issue” was coming and would be a sensation. This was a high point for Vogue magazine, warts and all, before the economic doldrums arrived.

I still don’t see how editors and publishers can be blamed for the descent of magazine revenues. And I don’t see how the firing or replacements for them can change economic facts. Replacing Anna Wintour or Graydon Carter or Paige Rense won’t solve a thing. None of this depression era economics is their fault. But some people just can’t rest until these top dogs are led to the guillotine and blamed for what has happened to publishing and print media.

In any case, if you want to see how history was taking place in the great moment before the downturn, don’t miss this documentary, bowing on August 28th. It’s all about the excesses of Anna Wintour.

As I said before, this film supposedly makes “The Devil Wears Prada” look like an episode of “The Care Bears.” Personally, I am all for Anna Wintour as empress, dictator and avenging angel of her own vision. She is one of kind and we need her!

THE DAILY NEWS sez the delightfully beautiful Katie Holmes will launch a children’s clothing line with her own personal stylist Jeanne Yang. This will be sold by Holmes & Yang, exclusively at Maxfield in L.A. (Now, if you have never been to Maxfield, well, you have never lived. Or shopped! And if you get there, they will be happy to see you and will welcome you. They aren’t stuffy!)

Mrs. Tom Cruise doesn’t need the dough, but if one can get their name on a premium designer line of clothes, then why not use those excellent credentials to do so.

SEVERAL YEARS AGO I was in London at a cocktail party given by the Blackstone financier John Studzinski. M.P.’s and VIP’s were everywhere one looked and I started chatting with a beautiful, serene-looking, ladylike blonde who said her name was Alyce Faye Eichelberger. I inquired what she did? She said, “Oh, I’m nobody. I am married to the actor John Cleese.” I expressed my admiration for the man who has been such a Monty Python star for so many years and was unforgettable in the film classic “A Fish Named Wanda.” Mrs. Cleese concurred; he was a great talent.

Now I see in the British papers that it pays to marry a successful entertainer. In their divorce, Alyce Faye gets 8 million pounds in cash and assets plus 600,000 pounds a year for the next seven years. In U.S. terms, it means this lady is exiting matrimony with the equivalent of almost $83,000,000.

If I miscalculated this, somebody correct me.

I WATCHED the return of “Mad Men” last Sunday night with baited breath, happy that this TV show, which I believe I was the first person ever to write enthusiastically about … has won so much acclaim.

As for the new episode, if you never saw “Mad Men” before, you wouldn’t have had a clue what was going on. I’m not sure I knew what was going on … Speaking of TV, I usually don’t like advertising embodying dirty jokes but the “Deadliest Catch” won my heart in Variety this week. They show fishermen being beaten down by hard work under the line “Not Bad for A Bunch of Guys With Crabs.” (Four Emmy nominations!)