Michael Jackson remembered

Elizabeth Taylor reflects on the King of Pop

DESPITE WHAT YOU may be reading, Elizabeth Taylor, though stunned and saddened by the death of her friend Michael Jackson, is not “screaming in her house,” nor is her staff worried that she is in danger of dying from grief.

The star of stars, though fragile at 77, is not likely to die because of heartbreak over the passing of a loved one. She has already outlived many of those who were so close to her — her third husband Mike Todd who died in a plane crash, her soul-mate the actor Montgomery Clift, her best friend of childhood Roddy McDowall, her beloved assistant and PR dame Chen Sam, her fashion pal Halston, her movie co-star Rock Hudson, the father of her two sons Michael Wilding, a late life beau Rod Steiger – and many more.

If Elizabeth could survive the death of the love of her life, Richard Burton, after their two marriages, then you know she’ll survive Michael Jackson’s passing.

In her highly emotional self-involved statement the other day, Elizabeth declared: “I can’t imagine life without him.” But the story of this woman’s life is survival, no matter what. She’ll mourn and move ahead.

WHAT DO YOU know. Here in my office, in a limp little file, I find a handwritten letter from Jackson’s former wife, Debbie Rowe, which came to me in April 1997 right after she produced a first baby for Jackson.

I had met Debbie in the offices of Dr. Arnie Klein, dermatologist to the stars. She was always sweet and charming and I’d frequently heard about her through a mutual friend. Sometime in April 1997, I wrote something positive about her in The L.A. Times. I can’t remember what this item was but it seems to be irretrievable.

Here’s Debbie Rowe in her own words: “Dear Ms. Smith. I stay away from most articles written about me and/or my husband and child. Dr. Klein brought me your article from today’s L.A. Times. I just wanted to let you know how I appreciate your comment. I just wish the rest of the world would back off and just believe the truth that we tell them. Thanks again. Debbie Rowe Jackson.”

I see some people are already casting Debbie as a bad woman who will harass the Jackson estate over custody. Well, I hope that’s not true.

HOOPLA ATTENDANT ON the arrival of the documentary titled “The September Issue” is the talk of fashionistas. This is the result of cameras following Anna Wintour and her editors for most of the year 2007 when they created the largest edition ever of Vogue magazine.

Bryony Gordon of the Daily Telegraph says that the film is sizzling. It just opened at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and is a riveting 88 minutes. The reporter writes that it makes “The Devil Wears Prada” look like an episode of “The Care Bears.”