Hathaway heats up ‘Night’

Show biz pays tribute to Farrah Fawcett

NOTABLES SHOWED FOR the first perfect night of summer outdoors in Central Park and the opening of “Twelfth Night,” starring three of New York’s favorite females — Anne Hathaway, Audra McDonald and Julie White.

The benefit dinner before – saluting director Mike Nichols and exec Susan Lyne – drew Nora Ephron, Nick Pileggi, Louise Grunwald, Steve Martin, Sandra Bernhard and her beautiful daughter Cicely, Liz and Felix Rohatyn, Barry Diller, Martin Short, Christine Baranski, Judith Light, Hannah Pakula, Marshall Rose and Candice Bergen with her daughter Chloe Malle back from Africa, Susan and Donald Newhouse, Ashley Leeds and Chris Harland — all benefactors who support Shakespeare in the Park.

As for “Twelfth Night” – it is beautifully executed and Anne Hathaway, who I thought out-did herself in “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Rachel Getting Married,” proves she can appealingly do and be anything, even a guy in drag. Along with Amy Adams — these two constitute our next big super stars!

News of Michael Jackson’s death raced through the dinner crowd, but somehow failed to put a damper on the evening.

LOOKING AT THE July issue of GQ which boasts what the magazine calls “our first nude cover,” one is struck by the beauty of a nakedly posed Sacha Baron Cohen. He has been polished, powdered, shaved and made up to resemble the gay Austrian fashionista who is his own satirical invention, Bruno. (Serious gay people won’t appreciate this absurd character but others will relish the joke.)

Incidentally, Austria isn’t particularly happy with Sacha’s movie and his character as a fashion pundit who makes dim Nazi jokes. Sacha says his latest movie invention is a gay blade who “wants to be the most famous Austrian since Hitler.” This makes Austrians furious.

ONE OF the nicest women in show business — Farrah Fawcett –has left us. She was my Texas friend and we shared a Feb. 2 birthday that kept us in touch with one another. I well remember how this dear girl, who became an iconic “Charlie’s Angel” sensation with her good looks and great hair, always remained devoted to her family and worried about their welfare. We never had a conversation that didn’t lead back to her parents!

When she more than fulfilled promises most people didn’t even believe she could keep nobody was more thrilled than I was. She was Emmy and Golden Globe nominated multiple times for dramatic performances in “The Burning Bed,” “Extremities,” “Between Two Women,” “Small Sacrifices,” and perhaps her greatest role–heiress Barbara Hutton in “Poor Little Rich Girl.”

I want to thank her longtime lover Ryan O’Neal for the way he stood by her when she needed him most.

So long, little birthday Aquarian. Sleep easy.