Geldof gals grab the spotlight

Duggars keep on counting more kids

PARIS AND Nicky Hilton are “so” two years ago … Jessica and Ashlee Simpson are “so” three years ago … The Kardashians are so — er, well — trashy. Their shelf life is just about expired. But that does not make them bad people, just trivial ones.

So, is there a new celeb sister act for red-carpet flashbulbs to bounce off of? Maybe. European paparazzi have snapped topless shots of Pixie and Peaches Geldof. These are the daughters of rock star and humanitarian Bob Geldof. The girls, ages 18 and 21, were snorkeling off Majorca. Both of these young ladies have made bits of news in the United Kingdom — the usual stuff. Semi-nude pics, piercings, tattoos. No sex tapes — yet.

We do need a fresh infusion from Great Britain. Sending us the Beckhams has not really worked out. He is handsome and a true stud, but nobody in the U.S. cares all that much about soccer. As for Mrs. Beckham, the former Posh Spice? Well, she keeps her wraithlike lollipop silhouette and a size-zero personality. She somehow never learned to smile from babyhood on. (If she becomes an “American Idol” judge that perpetual frown might scare the vocalizing right out of contestants!

So, I just love writing about sisters named Peaches and Pixie. It’s so retro. I don’t care what they do and I hardly know what they look like. I just want them to translate to America and start carrying on like mad things. Then I can report: “Last night at NYC’s Monkey Bar — Peaches and Pixie, etc.”

THE FERTILE Duggar family of TLC’s “18 Kids and Counting” reality show, now expect their 19th baby. They went on the Today Show to announce this, to be feted and congratulated.

Ok.  They don’t believe in birth control.  So let them over-populate our maxed-out earth, and essentially use their children for a TV paycheck.

But answer this — if the Duggars were African American or Hispanic, would anyone have given them their own reality show with the media fawning over them? I think not.

NEWSWEEK, like many U.S. news magazines, put Ted Kennedy on its cover. The editors went with a shot of the young Teddy, dark-haired and handsome. (Because he lived into a grey old age, many have forgotten that Ted — not Jack nor Bobby — was the real male looker in the family.) And just to prove that JFK, at the height of his powers on the day of his inauguration, was feeling prescient — he gave Teddy a silver cigarette box with the Biblical inscription engraved: “And the last shall be first.”

And, in a way, so it came to pass.

But the Newsweek photo that really stopped me in my tracks is of Yoko Ono. It accompanies a story by Seth Colter Walls on Yoko’s long, controversial career as a musician and her new album “Between My Head and the Sky.”

So they present Yoko, age 76, as an elder stateswoman of avant garde music. But she doesn’t look “elder” in the photo, which shows her in a low-cut black top, a wide-brimmed black-and-white picture hat and white-framed sunglasses. This was taken only weeks ago. It’s no artifact of the past.