Charting award organizations (PART 1)

A guide to the guilds, academies, institutes and associations

ACE (American Cinema Editors) (Eddie Awards)

Backstory: Founded in 1950, ACE recognizes accomplishments in the film and TV editing professions.

Kudo: The first ACE Awards plaques were given in 1962, and the first Eddie statuettes were handed out in 1965; 2010 will have 11 editing categories and three career achievement awards, so 14 categories in all.

Voters: 613 voting members

Key dates:

Submissions for nominations ended Dec. 4, 2009

Nomination ballots due Jan. 8, 2010

Nominations announced Jan. 12, 2010

Final ballots close Feb.2, 2010

Awards Presented Feb. 14, 2010 at the Beverly Hilton

Topper: President Randy Roberts

Contact: 818/777-2900

Email: amercinema@earthlink.net

Websites: http://www.ace-filmeditors.org, http://www.ace-filmeditors.org/newace/eddieHome.html

ADG (Art Directors Guild)

Backstory: The org was founded in 1937 and represents craftspersons working in production design, art direction, graphic design, and scenic and title arts.

Kudo: The Excellence in Production Design Awards have been handed out since 1996. Trophies will be awarded in three feature and five television categories for projects released in 2009. Two special honorary awards will be handed out along with the inductions of five acclaimed production designers into the ADG Hall of Fame.

Membership: 1,800.

Voters: All members are eligible to vote for all categories.

Key Dates:

Nov. 20, 2009 Television and commercial submissions were due

Jan. 6, 2010 All nomination ballots due

Jan. 8, 2010 Nominations announced

Jan. 9, 2010 Online voting begins

Feb. 11, 2010 Final ballots due

Feb. 13, 2010 Winners announced at the awards banquet at the Beverly Hilton Hotel

Toppers: President: Tom Walsh, Executive Director Scott Roth

Contact: (818) 762-9995

Email: awards@artdirectors.org

Websites: http://www.artdirectors.org, http://www.artdirectors.org/?content=cm&art=adg_awards&section=7

AFI (American Film Institute)

Backstory: Founded during a White House Rose Garden in 1965 when President Johnson announced it would be created, and coming into actuality two years later with initial funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, AFI is a national institute providing leadership in screen education, and offering recognition and celebration of excellence in film, television and digital media.

Kudo: AFI Awards names 10 AFI Movies of the Year, 10 AFI Television Programs of the Year and up to 10 AFI Moments of Significance. Inaugurated in 2000, the goal of the AFI Awards is to document excellence across the century.

Key dates:

Friday, Oct. 30, 2009 was deadline for television submissions

Friday, Nov. 6, 2009 was deadline for film submissions

Sunday, Dec. 13, 2009 AFI Awards 2009 honorees announced

Friday, Jan. 15, 2010 AFI Awards 2009 luncheon

Topper: Chairman Robert A. Daly

Contact: 323-856-7600

Websites: http://www.afi.com, http://www.afi.com/tvevents/afiawards/default.aspx

AMPAS (Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences) (Academy Awards)

Backstory: Founded in 1927, the Academy recognizes outstanding achievements in filmmaking in above- and below-the-line categories.

Kudo: The Academy Award was first given in 1929. It was nicknamed the Oscar in the ’30s and will be awarded in as many as 25 categories for the 2009 cinema year.

Key dates:

Saturday, Jan. 23, 2010 Nominations polls close 5 p.m. PT

Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2010 Nominations announced 5:30 a.m. PT, Samuel Goldwyn Theater

Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2010 Final ballots mailed

Monday, Feb. 15, 2010 Nominees Luncheon

Saturday, Feb. 20, 2010 Scientific and Technical Achievement Awards presentation

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 Final polls close 5 p.m. PT

Sunday, March 7, 2010 82nd Annual Academy Awards presentation

Topper: President Tom Sherak, Executive Director Bruce Davis

Contact: (310) 247-3000

Email: contact@oscars.org

Websites: http://www.oscars.org, http://www.oscars.com

ASIFA (The Intl. Animated Film Society) (Annie Awards)

Backstory: Founded in 1972 by voice talent June Foray, the Annies honor the year’s finest animation in film, television, short subjects and videogames. The event is sponsored by ASIFA-Hollywood, which is affiliated with the Intl. Animated Film Assn. (Assn. Intl. du Film d’Animation), founded in 1957 in France and chartered under UNESCO in 1960 as a membership organization devoted to the encouragement and dissemination of film animation as an art and communication form.

Kudo: The Annie Awards recognize excellence in 24 categories including animated features and individual crafts.

Membership: About 4,500 members

Voters: All members are eligible to vote.

Key dates:

Oct. 16, 2009 was deadline to receive entries

Dec. 1, 2009 Annie Award nominations were announced

Jan. 18, 2010 Online balloting begins

Jan. 29, 2010 Deadline to cast ballots

February 6, 2010 37th Annual Annie Awards at UCLA’s Royce Hall

Topper: President Antran Manoogian

Contact: 562-209-9900

Email: Gretchen@annieawards.org, info@asifa-hollywood.org

Websites: http://www.asifa-hollywood.org, annieawards.org

BAFTA (British Academy of Film & Television Arts) (Orange British Academy Film Awards)

Backstory: Founded in 1947, BAFTA promotes excellence in the film, TV and videogame industries in above- and below-the-line categories.

Kudo: The BAFTA Award was first given in 1949, when only three categories existed; 24 BAFTAs will be awarded for 2009 at the Orange British Academy Film Awards, not including special kudos like the Orange Rising Star Award.

Membership: 6500 members.

Voters: 6500 members, around 6000 of whom participate in film voting.

Key dates:

Nov. 19 was entry deadline

Dec. 7 Round 1 Voting Opens

Jan. 5 Round 1 Voting closes

Jan. 7 Round 2 Voting opens

Jan. 19 Round 2 Voting closes

Jan. 21 Nominations Announced & Round 3 Voting opens

Feb. 16 Round 3 Voting closes

Feb. 21 Orange British Academy Film Awards in 2010

Topper: Academy President Richard Attenborough

Contact: +44 0 20 7734 0022

Email: info@bafta.org, Mary.Williams@Freud.Com

Website: http://www.bafta.org

BAFTA/LA (Britannia Awards)

Backstory: The Britannia Awards honor excellence in film and television, with the first Britannia Award presented in 1989 to Albert R. “Cubby” Broccoli. The awards were expanded to multiple recipients in 1999; past recipients include Michael Caine, Martin Scorsese, Anthony Hopkins, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Angela Lansbury and Helen Mirren, among numerous others.

Kudos: Five excellence awards were given for 2009 to Robert De Niro, Emily Blunt, Danny Boyle, Colin Firth and Kirk Douglas.

Membership: About 1,125 voting members

Voters: The Britannia Awards are selected by the 18 BAFTA/LA Board of Directors.

Key dates: The Britannias Awards ceremony was held Nov. 5

Topper: Chairman of the Board Peter G.A. Morris, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer Donald Haber

Contact: (310) 652-4121

Email: BAFTA-LA@mtaevents.com

Website: http://www.baftala.org

BFCA (Broadcast Film Critics Assn.) (Critics’ Choice Movie Awards)

Backstory: Founded in 1995, the org is a critics collective honoring films for cinematic achievement.

Kudo: Critics’ Choice Awards have been handed out since 1996. Awards in 25 categories will be given in 2010 for the 2009 cinema year.

Membership/Voters: 240 voting members of the BFCA

Key dates:

Dec. 7, 2009 Nominating ballots go out to the BFCA members

Dec. 12,
2009 Deadline for returning nominating ballots

Dec. 14, 2009 Critics’ Choice Awards nominees announced

Jan. 11, 2010 Final ballots go out to the BFCA members

Jan. 13, 2010 Deadline for returning final ballots

Jan. 15, 2010 the 15th annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards ceremony will be held at the Hollywood Palladium.

Topper: President Joey Berlin

Contact: 310-860-2665

Email: info@bfca.org

Website: http://www.bfca.org

CAS (Cinema Audio Society)

Backstory: Founded in 1964, the CAS recognizes outstanding achievement in sound mixing for both feature films and television.

Kudo: The first CAS Award was given out in 1994. Five awards are bestowed for sound mixing, plus a Technical Achievement Award. Additionally, there are two special honors: the CAS Career Achievement Award and the CAS Filmmaker Award.

Key dates: Entry Submission Form was available on the CAS website as of Oct 15, 2009

Nov. 2, 2009 Entry Submission Form was mailed

Dec. 18, 2009 Entry submissions due by 5 pm.

Dec. 30, 2009 Nominations ballot mailed

Jan. 15, 2010 Nominations balloting closes 5 pm.

Jan. 21, 2010 Final five nominees announced

Jan. 29, 2010 Final ballot mailed

Feb. 19, 2010 Final voting closes 5pm.

Feb. 27, 2010 46th CAS Awards

Topper: President Edward L. Moskowitz

Contact: 818-752-8624

Email: CASawards@cinemaaudiosociety.org

Website: http://www.cinemaaudiosociety.org

CSA (Casting Society of America) (Artios Awards)

Backstory: :The CSA was founded in 1982, and CSA Artios Awards were founded in 1985 by a committee of CSA members.

Kudo: Artios Awards were handed out in 23 categories.

Membership: 421 members

Voters: All members can vote.

Key dates:

Nov. 2, 2009 25th Annual Artios Awards were handed out at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel in L.A.

Topper: President Gary Zuckerbrod

Contact: 323-463-1925

Email: castingsociety@earthlink.net

Website: castingsociety.com

DGA (Directors Guild of America)

Backstory: Founded in 1936 as the Screen Directors Guild (it was changed to the DGA in 1960), the org protects the economic and creative rights of helmers while awarding their accomplishments.

Kudo: The DGA Award for outstanding directorial achievement was first given in 1948. Ten kudos will be given out in 2010, not including special ones like the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Key dates:

Dec. 1, 2009 Feature film nomination ballots were mailed

Dec. 2, 2009 was deadline for submitting television, commercials and documentary entry forms and DVDs

Jan. 4, 2010 Deadline for returning all television nomination ballots

Jan. 6, 2010 Deadline for returning all feature film nomination ballots

Jan. 7, 2010 Five feature film nominees announced

Jan. 7, 2010 Feature film final ballots mailed

Jan. 8, 2010 All television nominees announced & all commercials & documentary nominees announced

Jan. 29, 2010 Deadline for returning all feature film final ballots

Jan. 30, 2010 DGA Awards Dinner, Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel

Topper: National Executive Director Jay D. Roth

Contact: 310-289-2038

Email: laraine@dga.org

Website: dga.org

EFA (European Film Awards)

Backstory: The awards were founded in 1988.

Kudo: Awards in 17 categories will be handed out in 2009 including the People’s Choice Award voted by the public, not the org.

Membership: 2,000 members

Voters: Members vote in 11 of the 17 categories; People’s Choice Awards are voted on by the public thorugh online balloting.

Key dates:

Dec. 12 Awards presented.

Topper: President Wim Wenders, Chairman Yves Marmion

Contact: +49 30 887 167-0

Email: efa@europeanfilmacademy.org

Website: http://www.europeanfilmacademy.org

FIND (Spirit Awards)

Backstory: Founded in 1980, the nonprofit Film Independent (FIND) produces the Spirit Awards, which honors above- and below-the-line talent in independently made features.

Kudo: (categories): Findies (Friends of Independents) were given out in 1984 and ’85. The first Spirit Award was given in 1986; 17 trophies will be awarded in 2010, one of which is the Robert Altman Award (given to that film’s director, casting director and ensemble cast), and three grant awards – Truer Than Fiction (for documentary director), Someone To Watch (for feature director), and Producers Award.

Membership: Org has 3900 active members.

Voters: About 6500 people, including members, IFP’s and past Spirit Award nominees and winners, vote on the Spirit Awards.

Key dates:

Dec. 1 Nominations were announced

Dec. 23, 2009 Ballots and screening schedules posted online

Feb 23, 2010 Online Ballot Deadline (11 p.m. PST)

March 5, 2010 Spirit Awards Live Broadcast on IFC

Topper: President Bill Condon, Executive Director Dawn Hudson

Contact: 310-432-1200, 323-933-3399

Email: spiritawards@filmindependent.org

Websites: http://www.spiritawards.com, http://www.filmindependent.org

HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Press Assn.) (Golden Globes)

Backstory: Founded in 1943, the HFPA honors successes in the film and TV industries. Membership is composed of journalists for foreign publications and broadcast outlets who report on the entertainment industry.

Kudo: The Golden Globes were first given in 1944. The org will hand out 25 awards in 2010, not including such special kudos as the Cecil B. DeMille Award.

Membership: About 90 members, including lifetime and affiliate members.

Key dates:

Nov. 6, 2009 was deadline for submission of Golden Globe entry forms

Nov. 12, 2009 the Cecil B. DeMille Award was announcement

Dec. 15, 2009 Nomination announcements will be made at 5 a.m. PT

Jan. 17, 2010 Presentation of the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards will be telecast live on NBC at 5 p.m. PST and 8 p.m. EST

Topper: President Philip Berk, Chairman Jorge Camara

Email: info@hfpa.org

Website: http://www.hfpa.org

HPA (Hollywood Post Alliance)

Backstory: Founded in 2002, the HPA is a trade association representing the professional community of businesses and individuals who provide expertise, support, tools and infrastructure for the creation and finishing of motion pictures, television, commercials, digital media and other “dynamic” media content.

Kudo: First awarded in 2006 to individuals working behind the scenes in post-production. Categories include color grading and the DI process, editing, compositing and audio in feature films, television and commercials. Specialty awards were handed out this year including Engineering Excellence and the Lifetime Achievement Award, the Charles S. Swartz Award for Outstanding Contribution in the Field of Post Production and the HPA Judges Award for Creativity and Innovation.

Membership: 400-plus including both individuals and companies in the post-production field.

Voters: Creative and engineering submissions are judged by peers with expertise in the individual categories. Recipients for the two special awards are selected by the Awards Committee and the board of directors; the HPA Judges Award is a select group of industry professionals.

Key dates: Awards were presented Nov. 12, 2009

Topper: President Leon Silverman, Executive Director Eileen Kramer

Contact: 213-614-0860

Email: info@hpaonline.com

Websites: http://www.hpaonline.com; http://web.memberclicks.com/mc/page.do?sitePageId=65085&orgId=hopa

HSUS (Human Society of the United States) (Genesis Awards)

Backstory: Org gives out the Genesis Award to honor the news media and entertainment indust
ry for putting the spotlight on animal issues. Kudo was first given in 1986 under the direction of the late actress Gretchen Wyler, who initiated the event while serving as vice chairwoman of the Fund for Animals.The Genesis Awards moved with her to the Ark Trust when she founded it in 1991. The Ark Trust merged with the Humane Society of the U.S. to form the HSUS’ Hollywood office in 2002, and with it came the Genesis Awards.

Kudo: The 24th Genesis Awards will present between 15 and 19 categories for 2009 media works in March 2010.

Membership: The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has a membership and constituency of 11 million.

Voters: The Genesis voting committee currently consists of 13 individuals

Key dates:

Dec. 4 Deadline for submissions

February — Nominations announced during the month

March 20, 2010 Awards presented

Topper: Head of the Genesis Awards voting committee Beverly Kaskey, senior director of the Hollywood office of the HSUS.

Contact: sue@hsushollywood.org, mmontorfano@hsus.org

Email: genesisawards@hsushollywood.org, contact@hsushollywood.org

Website: http://www.humanesociety.org/about/departments/hollywood/genesis/

IDA (Intl. Documentary Awards)

Backstory: Founded in 1982, IDA is a nonprofit organization that honors outstanding accomplishments in nonfiction film and video from around the world.

Kudo: The first awards were given in 1984; there will be five special honorees and seven other awards given out at the next IDA Documentary Awards.

Membership: About 3,000 members in more than 50 countries. Members include docu producers, directors, executives, journalists, university professors and other individuals and organizations involved in docu filmmaking.

Voters: Members may volunteer for screening committees to select nominees, but a blue-ribbon panel picks the winners. The IDA’s board of directors selects the recipients of its special achievement honors.

Key dates: Awards were presented Dec. 4, 2009

Topper: President Eddie Schmidt, Executive Director Michael Lumpkin

Contact: 213.534.3600

Email: eddie@documentary.org

Websites: documentary.org, http://www.documentary.org/awards2009

IFP (Independent Feature Project) (Gotham Independent Film Awards)

Backstory: The Gotham Independent FilmAwards were founded by the Independent Feature Project in 1991. IFP is the largest membership organization of independent filmmakers. IFP programs provide filmmakers with access to tools to develop and present their vision, and audiences with an opportunity to discover new work. Signature programs include the Gotham Awards, Independent Film Week, Filmmaker Magazine and IFP’s Independent Filmmaker Labs.Since its start, IFP has supported the production of 7,000 films and provided resources to more than 20,000 filmmakers — voices that otherwise might not have been heard.

Kudo: In 2009, six competitive awards were distributed for best feature, best documentary, breakthrough actor, breakthrough director, best ensemble cast and best film not playing at a theater near you.

Membership: 10,000 members. Anyone is eligible to join IFP — filmmakers, film industry professionals (directors, writers, producers, actors, distributors, financiers, a variety of service providers, etc.) and film enthusiasts. In addition to their traditional membership, IFP offers an interactive membership for those who are not located in New York to have access to content.

Voters: IFP members do not vote on the awards. Instead, a two-tiered juried system is used. First, IFP convenes nominating panels for the six competitive awards. These four to five individuals are generally film curators/festival programmers and critics; they select nominees for each award. These nominees are turned over to separate juries consisting of individuals directly involved in making films, such as directors, actors, producers, casting directors, d.p.s, editors, etc.

Key dates: The 2009 Gotham Independent Film Awards were handed out Nov. 30.

Topper: Executive Director Michelle Byrd

Contact: 212-465-8200

Email: prussell@ifp.org

Websites: ifp.org, gotham.ifp.org

IPA (Intl. Press Academy) (Satellite Awards)

Backstory: Founded in 1996, the Intl. Press Academy (IPA) is a membership organization of entertainment journalists who specialize in motion pictures, television and interactive media. Each year, members vote on outstanding achievements in all three major categories (film, television, interactive media) and honor the recipients at the Satellite Awards.

Kudo: Initially known as the Golden Satellites, the first statuette was awarded in 1997. In 2003 the name was changed to the Satellite Awards. IPA was the first media organization to create a separate category for animated and mixed media in motion pictures. Satellite Awards are given in 22 categories for film, including acting, directing, writing, editing, art direction, sound and costume design. There are 12 categories in television, from best miniseries to talent recognition in a series. There are six categories for DVDs and five categories for vidgames. Special achievement kudos include the Mary Pickford Award, the Tesla Award, Auteur Award, and awards for best ensemble in motion picture, best ensemble in television and new talent.

Membership: More than 190 members worldwide. Membership is open to journalists listed in the MPAA Directory and those working journalists who submit at least six entertainment-related clips to be considered by the board.

Voters: Entire membership votes on Satellite Awards, excluding Auteur Award and Special Achievement Awards. IPA board members decide on lifetime achievement awards such as the Mary Pickford Award and the Tesla Award.

Key dates:

Oct. 7 through Nov. Nov. 20, 2009 Deadlines or announcements were noted for Tesla Award. Mary Pickford Award, Games consideration, television, motion pictures and DVD/new media

Nov. 30, 2009 Nominations were anounced

Dec. 20, 2009 The 14th Annual SatelliteAwards will be presented at the Grand Salon of the InterContinental Hotel in Century City, Calif.

Topper: President Mirjana Van Blaricom

Contact: 310-550-8209

Email: info@pressacademy.com

Website: http://www.pressacademy.com

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