Catherine Deneuve booed off stage

Actress misinterpreted at Italian festival

French screen legend Catherine Deneuve is no doubt used to hearing “bravo” more than “boo.” But she was virtually hooted off the stage last week at the La Versiliana cultural fest in Lucca, Italy.

The incident seems to have stemmed more language differences than anything in her perf, however.

She and Italian actor Michele Placido had just finished a reading from French author Georges Perec’s book “I Remember”  when the crowd erupted in anger, whistling and booing. A crowd of 200 massed in front of the ticket office shouting “Thieves … we want our money back.” Police had to intervene.

The crowd agreed to leave only after organizers offered free tickets to another show during the festival.

Deneuve’s 40-minute show is a collection of memories accompanied by music and images from the 1950s to the 1970s, and is partly a tribute to the French star herself, who rose to fame in classics such as “Belle De Jour” and “Repulsion.”

The famously imperious actress declined to comment on the incident, while Placido, who also is a director, attempted to downplay the incident.

“These things happen,” he told Sky news, although he suggested it might have been “a mistake” to have Deneuve read her part in French … without subtitles.