At the Tony after-parties Sunday in Gotham, the consensus was that the telecast was pretty good this year.

“It was a clusterfuck of culture! And that’s exactly what we need to show the American people right now,” said one producer — who soon after decided he didn’t want to be quoted by name, lest anyone mistake the tone of the word “clusterfuck.” (He meant it in a good way.)

First stop of the night was the official awards shindig at Rockefeller Center, where guests could grab some food and drink after four-plus hours in Radio City.

Then it was on to fetes thrown by individual shows. This year, in a move inspired both by communal goodwill and by recession-era frugality, producers of “Shrek the Musical,” “West Side Story,” “God of Carnage” and “The Norman Conquests” hosted a packed-to-the-rafters gathering at Hudson Terrace.

Around the corner, the “Next to Normal” party at 44½ seemed a far more civilized affair thanks to a better ratio of people to square footage.

Meanwhile, at the “Hair” be-in at Tavern on the Green, the venue’s main room was mostly deserted. That’s because everybody was gathered on the patio outside, which seemed appropriate for a production that originated in a summer run in Central Park.

One exuberant cast member even climbed a tree, and was temporarily ejected from the premises for his efforts.

As director Diane Paulus noted on her way home for the evening, “Well, it wouldn’t be ‘Hair’ without somebody climbing a tree.”