Thesp Mitsuko Mori has commemorated her 2,000th performance in “A Wanderer’s Notebook” (Horoki), an all-time record in Japan.

The play, which is based on the life of writer Fumiko Hayashi, bowed in 1961. Based on Hayashi’s autobiographical novel, it has become Mori’s most famous vehicle in an eight-decade career.

Playing Hayashi, a writer who survives poverty and an abusive relationship with a TB-afflicted writer to find literary success, Mori has never ceded the lead role to another actress in the play’s many revivals. In the interim, she has appeared in countless TV dramas and other shows, as well as the occasional pic.

On Saturday, Mori also celebrated her 89th birthday at Tokyo’s Imperial Theater, where “A Wanderer’s Notebook” is enjoying its latest socko run.

“I have been able to achieve the number 2,000 through the support of the audience,” Hayashi told reporters. “I thank them from the bottom of my heart.”

“A Wanderer’s Notebook” was also made into a 1962 pic, helmed by Mikio Naruse and starring Hideko Takamine in the Hayashi role.