The Broadway League will consolidate the reporting of Main Stem box office figures, with members of the org filing weekly receipts directly to the league, which will then distribute the information.

Sales figures will represent “gross gross” sales as opposed to net gross, which subtracts credit card transaction fees from the total. Attendance will be reported as total attendance rather than paid attendance, which does not count comped ducats.

Broadway box office has previously been disseminated (to organizations including Daily Variety) directly by the theater owners.

Making the switch to gross gross and total attendance would put the Broadway numbers more in line with tallies from the film industry, according to Charlotte St. Martin, exec director of the Broadway League, the trade association of producers and presenters. (Touring legit productions already report gross gross.)

St. Martin said the move was prompted by discussions that began last fall about whether producers wanted to continue reporting grosses at all. In the 2007-08 season, producers of “Young Frankenstein” declined to reveal official sales figures, which prodded a reconsideration of the merits and hassles of public box office figures.

Producers in favor of weekly reports often cite their usefulness in gauging streetwide sales trends.

Switchover to league reporting begins Monday with numbers from this week, officially the first of the 2009-10 season.