Your normal probably isn’t anything like the everyday weirdness that makes up lesbian dominatrix Natalie’s existence, but that’s pretty much the point of director Irving Schwartz’s “My Normal,” a comic romp that would be infinitely more marketable if it weren’t set in the world of S&M workers. Gay fests and open-minded specialty auds, at least, should get a kick out of the pic’s in-your-face humor, which masks an otherwise quite conventional sex farce.

Natalie (model Nicole LaLiberte) lives to put piggish men in their place, but when she meets a sexy new gal (dancer Dawn Noel Pignuola) at the club, she resolves to give up her unconventional day job for a career in filmmaking. As luck would have it, the movie set on which Natalie lands a lowly P.A. gig features its share of casting-couch chauvinists, offering her a novel way to demand what she wants. With her Bettie Page looks, LaLiberte proves more convincing wielding a riding crop than playing an aspiring screenwriter. Pic’s own scribes leave entire subplots dangling, finding it easier to skewer showbiz than to treat the relationship angle seriously.

My Normal

  • Production: Produced by Renee Garzon, Adam Sales, Abdul Malik Abbott, Philippa Davis. Directed by Irving Schwartz. Screenplay, Renee Garzon, Adam Sales, Abdul Malik Abbott.
  • Crew: Camera (color, HD), George Lyon; editor, Daniel Olshansky; music, Olshansky; production designer, Timothy Whidbee; art director, Jeanelle Marie; costume designer, David Tabbert. Reviewed on DVD, Los Angeles, June 19, 2009. (In Dances With Films, Los Angeles.) Running time: 75 MIN.
  • With: <b>With:</b> Nicole LaLiberte, Mark Saturno, Dawn Noel Pignuola, Ty Jones, Heath Kelts, Naama Kates, Maine Anders.
  • Music By: