Trashy late-’70s/early-’80s slasher pics get a diverting homage/satire in the self-explanatory “Frat House Massacre.” Reversing the genre norm, pic shows more buff male skin than T&A (though femmes remain prone to sentiments like, “Studying always gets me horny!”). Otherwise, “Massacre” serves up the requisite gore, sex, recreational drug use, random logic gaps, implausible resolution, cheesy synth score and other details faithful to bottom-rung early slasher convention. Second feature for helmer Alex Pucci and scenarist Draven Gonzalez should follow their prior “Camp Daze” to DVD.

Sean (Jon Fleming) arrives at college in 1980 sans sibling Bobby (Rane Jameson) — the latter comatose after an unsolved hit-and-run — only to become one more frat pledge whose disappearance oddly attracts little notice after fatal hazing hijinks. Once Bobby awakens, Delta Iota Epsilon members and almost everyone else on campus start suffering gruesome deaths. Any doubts of tongue-in-cheek intent should be erased by the full-on disco production number that precedes the blood-soaked climax. The production packaging, including retro fashions and dance tracks, hews close to C-grade originals.

Frat House Massacre

  • Production: A Screamkings production in association with Alex Esber. Produced by Alex Pucci, Alex Esber. Executive producer, Pete Jaccione. Co-producer, Philip R. Garrett. Directed by Alex Pucci. Screenplay, Draven Gonzalez, based on a story by Gonzalez, Pucci.
  • Crew: Camera (color, DV-to-HD), Alex Esber; editors, Esber, Drew Pannebacker, David J. White; music, Claudio Simonetti; production designer, Ben Miller. Reviewed at Another Hole in the Head, San Francisco, June 15, 2009. Running time: 100 MIN.
  • With: <b>With:</b> Jon Fleming, Rane Jameson, Niki Notarile, Lisa DiCicco, Chris Prangley, Andrew Giordano, Ryan Ross, Michael Galante, Jim Ford, Georgia Cladden.
  • Music By: