Warners preem is ‘Shorts’ and sweet

Tykes take over red carpet Saturday afternoon

Tykes scampered all over the red carpet at the preem of Warner Bros.’ “Shorts” Saturday afternoon.

Under the watchful, single eye of a giant, goo-covered booger monster, they made slime, sported temporary tattoos, decorated mugs with the pic’s rainbow theme and ate way too much candy.

In the fierce sun at the pre-screening reception outside the Grauman’s Theater, sunny perspectives abounded. WB topper Alan Horn praised helmer Robert Rodriguez as a “consummate talent, with a terrific imagination who worked as a self-contained unit on his Texas compound.”

Thesp Jon Cryer found much to admire in the director’s inclusiveness. “He showed us frames so that we could see what we were shooting, let us look at the special effects mock-ups, and even invited us into his office to listen to the score.”

Also joining Rodriguez at the premiere were the pic’s Leslie Mann, Jon Cryer, Kat Dennings, Jake Short, Jimmy Bennett and Warner execs Sue Kroll, Kevin McCormick and Blair Rich.