Sony Pictures Television is making its first concerted attempt to sell its Spanish-language telenovelas at Mip next week.

Company has been busy co-producing more than 500 hours of telenovela content since 2006 and aims to produce an additional 600 hours this year and next. SPT will sell the scripted Latino skeins it has co-produced, such as “Los Simuladores” (The Pretenders) with Televisa and “Aqui no hay quien viva” (No one lives here), which it made with local webs in Colombia, Chile and Argentina.

“We’ve gone from promising to delivering,” said SPT international production senior VP Brendan Fitzgerald.

Its newest telenovela titles are teen novela “Isa TKM” and “Si me miran tus ojos,” both shot in Venezuela and to which SPT holds worldwide rights.

A kind of Latin “Hannah Montana,” “Isa TKM” is a co-production with Nickelodeon Latin America and has been a pan-regional hit. Soundtrack released by Sony Music in Mexico is among the top 10 on the Spanish-language charts. An online sensation as well, “Isa TKM” has sold more than 44,000 units in downloadable content, including cell-phone screen covers, polyphonic ringtones, graphics and video through its webpage and via mobile devices.

“Si me miran tus ojos” is a 120-episode melodrama co-produced with Laura Visconti Prods. for Venevision, where it will debut later this year.

SPT’s first foray into the genre began in Russia in 2003, but its first Spanish-language telenovela for a Latino web was in 2007 with “Zorro: La Espada y la Rosa.” Swashbuckling novela was co-produced with RTI Colombia for NBC U’s Telemundo.

In early 2008, SPT co-produced “Dona Barbara” with Telemundo, where it debuted Nov. 28.

Sales rights to these two titles were split between the two parties, with SPT taking North and South America and Telemundo the rest of the world. Telemundo has sold “Zorro” to more than 40 countries, including China. In Hungary, “Zorro” averaged a 38.9 share.

SPT has already sold “Dona Barbara” to 16 Latin American territories and “Zorro” to 18.

At Mip, SPT will even entertain remake offers. Keith Le Goy, prexy of international distribution, Sony Pictures Television, said: “We will explore every possibility to maximize the value of our properties.”

SPT is co-producing 22 eps of hourlong skein “Los caballeros las prefieren brutas” with Colombian shingle Laberinto Prods. Skein is based on eponymous novel by Isabella Santo Domingo.

More telenovelas are in the pipeline, including one in Mexico.

Mip TV kicks off Monday and runs through April 9.