Moore uses stunt to tubthump docu

Ushers collect for CEOs at screening

Sacha Baron Cohen was still in diapers when Michael Moore began doing stunts. So it’s no surprise that while Cohen has been busy promoting upcoming film “Bruno” with his offbeat tactics, Moore is tubthumping his upcoming docu in new and unusual ways.

On June 12, Overture ran a trailer for Moore’s film in AMC theaters in Los Angeles (Century City), New York, Chicago and Washington D.C.

But the trailer didn’t include any footage from the yet-to-be titled film about America’s economic meltdown; it was just a closeup of Moore talking about the disastrous impact of the collapse. He then informed auds that ushers would be coming in to collect donations.

The kicker: The stunt was collecting funds for CEOs, not for the poor and unfortunate.

And even though it was all in jest, the ushers — wearing “Save Our CEOs” t-shirts — collected a total of $60.

The money was donated to food banks in each of the four cities, supplemented by a donation from Overture.

Moore’s film, as yet untitled, opens Oct. 2.