Renowned for her versatility and aptitude with accents, Meryl Streep seems able to play almost any role. Now, a group of thesps — all men — will try to find their inner Streep in a live stage tribute re-creating her greatest screen monologues.

“Streep Tease,” Sept. 5 at L.A.’s bang.comedy theater, will feature memorable moments from “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Out of Africa” and “The Bridges of Madison County,” among others.

The event is the brainchild of actor-comedian Roy Cruz, who is producing and performing in the show with fellow thesps Taylor Negron, Sam Pancake, Steve Hasley, David Dean Bottrell, Eddie Sanchez, Mike Rose and Trent Walker.

The reasons behind their scene choices are many.

Bottrell, probably best known for his recurring role on “Boston Legal,” chose a monologue from “Out of Africa” because he loves the Danish accent.

Cruz will perform a staple from his stand-up routine, Streep’s lecture from “Prada” on the color cerulean.

“The writer did a wonderful job at concisely explaining how a color like cerulean ends up in department stores,” says Cruz.

Pancake chose “Postcards From the Edge” because Shirley MacLaine‘s character, Doris Mann, is the mother he always wanted. Besides, he’s memorized the entire pic.

Negron is doing “Sophie’s Choice” because he loves the writing in both the novel and the film.

And that’s an underlying theme of the entire event.

“Taylor (Negron) points out that we are also honoring the writers of these movies,” says Cruz. “We fell in love with Meryl not only because of her work but that of the directors and writers of her films.”

Asked what the performers might do if the real Streep shows up, Cruz says, nervously, “We’d cancel the show!”

Barring that, she can always watch it on the theater website’s live- streaming webcam.