‘It Might Get Loud’ premieres in L.A.

Jimmy Page explains taking part in the docu

At Friday’s “It Might Get Loud” premiere in Westwood, pic’s Jimmy Page explained the dichotomy of being a private person and taking part in a documentary.

“I have always liked to live my life with a cloak of invisibility around me,” he said. “When doing a documentary, if you have that cloak of invisibility, you can make a little hole so people can just peep through. But they can only see certain angles.”

At the pic’s intimate after-party at the Hotel Palomar, Sony Pictures Classics’ Tom Bernard described the guitar doc as “Jack White, Jimmy Page and the Edge sit around and talk about how they get their sound. That’s all you have to say.”

Helmer Davis Guggenheim said while this pic tackles a completely different topic than his previous doc, “An Inconvenient Truth,” there are similarities.

“I am always doing something different. I haven’t yet done porn or an alien movie. But every story is the same, the challenge of every movie is to find something personal, some personal struggle, if you can find that in your story it doesn’t matter if it is a documentary or an alien porn movie.”