HOLLYWOOD — If you were outside the Chinese Theater during Warner Bros.’ preem of “The Hangover” June 2, you would have seen director Todd Phillips.

“I can never sit through a premiere screening because it’s just too stressful for me,” he admitted at the poolside after-party at the Hollywood Roosevelt. “I wound up pacing up and down Hollywood Boulevard like some kind of hustler. Now that it’s over, I feel just fine.”

On the other hand, co-star Bradley Cooper gladly saw the pic for the fourth time.

“It was great being in the theater tonight because I could feel that people believed that these guys were going through all this, as strange as it sounds,” he said. Members of “The Office” cast were out in force in support of co-star Ed Helms, including Brian Baumgartner, Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey, B.J. Novak and Oscar Nunez. Attendees included Warner execs Alan Horn, Jeff Robinov, Sue Kroll, Dan Fellman and Kevin Tsujihara.