BERLIN — The Federal Film Board’s German-French subsidy commission has allocated Euros 1.72 million ($2.4 million) for six German-French co-productions, including French actor/filmmaker Mathieu Amalric’s “Tournee” and Toby Genkel’s stop-motion animated film “Der Sandmann und der verlorene Traumsand.”

Produced by Paris-based Les Films du Poisson and Neue Mediopolis Filmproduktion in Leipzig, “Tournee,” about an American burlesque troupe on tour in France, received some $346,680 in combined German and French funds.

Picking up $485,352, “Der Sandmann,” from Scopas Medien in Frankfurt and Amuse Films in Paris, is a bigscreen production based on the beloved Sandman character featured in a hugely popular 50-year-old East German TV series.

Roselyne Bosch’s World War II drama “La Rafle” (The Round Up), starring Jean Reno and Melanie Laurent (“Inglourious Basterds”), from Paris-based Legende Films and EOS Entertainment in Munich, received $388,440.

The joint commission also approved coin for “Mein Bruder Robert” (My Brother Robert) from Philip Groening (“Into Great Silence”), which nabbed $360,767; Ulrich Koehler’s “Die Schlafkrankheit” (The Sleeping Sickness), which received $416,179; and Stephane Robelin’s “Et si on vivait tous ensemble” (“And What If We All Lived Together”), which got $388,440.

In related news, North Rhine-Westphalia’s state funding org Filmstiftung NRW approved some $271,000 for three features and four documentaries, including “Merle Haggard: Learning to Live With Myself” by Gandulf Henning, who made the 2004 doc “Fallen Angel: Gram Parsons.” His new work looks at the turbulent life and work of the legendary country singer.

The Filmstiftung is also backing Rosa von Praunheim’s “New York Memories,” which chronicles the Berlin director’s return to New York after 30 years to examine the impact the global crisis and the aftermath of 9/11 has had on the former subjects of his New York-set films.

In “Traumfabrik Kabul” (Dream Factory Kabul), Sebastian Heidinger presents a portrait of Afghani activist Saba Sahar and her efforts for human rights, while Barbara Trottnow’s “Nach Deutschland — der Liebe wegen” follows three Turkish brides’ journey to join their new husbands in Germany.

The Filmstiftung is also funding Uruguayan helmer Pablo Stoll’s family drama “3”; Radek Wegrzyn’s German-Polish co-production “Father, Son & Holy Cow,” about a widower who suspects his beloved has returned in the form of a bovine; and Ben Budde and Kerstin Sellerberg’s “Bielefeld Verschwoerung” (Bielefeld Conspiracy), which follows a professor and three of his students as they investigate strange goings on in the city of Bielefeld.