Predictions, opinions, concerns and quips were plentiful Tuesday among the participants at Variety’s Future of Film confab in Santa Monica. A sampling of notable quotes:

  • “Let’s make movies, not deals. Let’s write movies, not scripts.” — Paula Wagner on the need for streamlining the development of movies.

  • “TV is increasingly going to be at the center of your entertainment experience. It’s going to become appliance-like. Like your toaster. You just push a button and it works.” — Chris Carey, exec VP of worldwide technical operations for Paramount, on the increasing convergence between TV and the Internet.

  • “How come studio executives aren’t taking pay cuts?” — actor Joe Pantoliano on the big pay cuts the actors are enduring.

  • “I didn’t know if it was going to be good or going to be crap. Just on the chance it turned out good, I went for the extra expense and got a high-def camera.” — Oren Peli, director of “Paranormal Activity.”

  • “Studios will make a movie out of Tide (laundry soap) if they think it’ll work.” — Paula Wagner, on the majors’ focus on franchises and branded properties.

  • “Will consumers get their minds around wearing glasses at home?” — Blair Westlake, corporate VP for Microsoft’s media and entertainment group, on whether 3D on TV will take off.

  • “I’ve probably seen 100 urban period drama pitches in the last two months. I always tell people to think about who’s financing this movie and who’s going to go see it.” — Jay Cohen, head of film financing and packaging for Gersh Agency, on the importance of targeting a market for a pic.

  • “My game is so old-fashioned that it’s new. I’m looking to make the middle-range movies with stars and midlevel budgets that adults might go to.” — Rick Nicita.

  • “It’s really about awareness. People who are exposed to this way of touching content really do embrace it.” — Jonathan Barzilay, senior veep of programming and advertising at Flo TV, on the need to promote the availability of mobile video.