The red clown noses were out in full force at BAFTA/LA’s second British Comedy Festival kudofest Friday, emceed by Sharon Osbourne.

Russell Brand accepted “this dish from Baftala” for Brit performer of the year, saying, “It’s nice to be recognized with this regional prize. I will put it next to my Lancashire Oscar, and tomorrow I’m going to get the Orange County Pulitzer.”

BAFTA/LA chair Peter Morris presented Tracey Ullman with the inaugural Charlie Chaplin Lifetime Achievement Award for Comedy, given to those who are funny; born in the U.K. and successful in the U.S.; and finally have a mustache and bowler hat. “Well, two out of three ain’t bad,” he said.

Accepting the kudo, Ullman talked about how the BBC originally wanted to edit “The Simpsons” out of her “The Tracey Ullman Show” but now she’s sure that when she dies, there will be a plaque in front of her Brit home saying “‘The Simpsons’ started on Tracey Ullman’s show.”