Apatow, Mann honored at charity event

Fulfillment Fund fetes couple with Stars award

At Monday’s BevHills Hotel Fulfillment Fund dinner, where Judd Apatow and wife Leslie Mann received the Stars award, Apatow offered one reason why the couple should be honored at a charity event.

“If we can be a money magnet that sucks cash out of people for a good cause, then we’re honored to be here,” Apatow said, adding “but I don’t know if we deserve an award.”

Apatow’s motivation was fine with the Fulfillment Fund.

“It’s almost impossible to find people who will step up and help with a charity fund-raiser in this economy,” said founder Dr. Gary Gitnick. “We’re truly grateful to Judd and Leslie for doing this. Without them we can’t have a fund-raiser; without fund-raisers we can’t help the neediest people; and without this help the community goes down the tubes.”

The dinner itself might be described as looser than past affairs, with Jason Segel and Jonah Hill acting as emcees, Garry Shandling presenting the award and John Mayer seemingly willing to play for as long as the audience desired.