Edmund Purdom, best known for his role as Prince Karl in the 1954 MGM musical “Student Prince,” died Jan. 1 of natural causes in Rome, Italy. He was 85.

Born in England, Purdom was a protege of Laurence Olivier and was part of his theatrical troupe for eight years. It was Olivier who brought Purdom to Hollywood in the 50s where he was put under contract at MGM.

Purdom’s other films include the lead role in “The Egyptian” as well as a supporting role in “Julius Caesar” with Marlon Brando and John Gielgud.

Purdom moved to Italy in the 1960s and lived there for the rest of his life, appearing in spaghetti Westerns and dozens of other films including “Mr. Scarface,” “Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks” and “Horror Safari.” He was often hired as a narrator and worked extensively as a voice dubbing actor dubbing Italian films into English.

Married four times, he was briefly married to actress Linda Christian and had two children with his first wife.