Women’s witty words

WIF fundraiser put focus on issues

Maybe the choir needs preaching to after all.

That seemed to be the fundraiser m.o. at Friday night’s Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel, an event that is the female ying to the male yang of April 19’s GLAAD Media Awards.

Even though the speakers at these galas rail against showbiz discrimination, their speeches do sometimes break through the polemics.

For pure entertainment, both events have the advantage of not being televised, which means that talk from the podium can be downright quotable. Lauding “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke, for example, WIF emcee Chelsea Handler described the film as being “about a guy who stays out all night sinking his teeth into young women,” which led her to wonder, “Why are they making a film about Jeremy Piven?”

And to show that girls can be just as bloodthirsty as boys, the clips honoring Holly Hunter and Elizabeth Banks were replete with scenes of neck-slashing (“Slither”) and hand-chopping (“The Piano”) that you would never see on the Golden Globes.

Honoree Jennifer Aniston riffed on the “strange parallel between the movies I was doing and my life off screen,” noting that she followed “The Good Girl” with “Rumor Has It,” “Derailed,” “The Break-Up” and “Friends With Money.”

Then she added, “If any of you have a movie titled ‘Everlasting Love With an Adult Stable Male,’ I’m at table six, and my agents are at table 12.”

— Robert Hofler