Swayze’s ‘Jump’ to open LAJFF

Actor plans to attend film's premiere

Patrick Swayze pic “Jump” has been chosen to open the fourth annual Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival on April 23.

Film was shot over eight weeks in Austria and centers on the life of photographer Philippe Halsman who, early in his life, was accused of killing his own father. Swayze plays the lawyer defending Halsman.

Producer Lilly Berger said after chatting with Swayze at a party, she knew he was right for the part. “He told me he was looking for a good dramatic role and his mannerisms seemed perfect for this character.”

Berger added that Swayze plans to attend the premiere at the WGA theater. “He told me, ‘I’m not dead yet. I will be there.’ ”

The fest runs through April 30. For information go to lajfilmfest.org