Platinum Studios has joined forces with producer Tony Krantz to develop a live-action feature from Platinum Studios graphic novel “Mal Chance,” with Scott Murphy to adapt.

Krantz, best known for “24” and “Mulholland Drive,” will produce with Platinum Studios CEO Scott Mitchell Rosenberg.

“Mal Chance” tells the story of Lola, part of an ancient clan of assassins targeted for death by a powerful gangster. Her only recourse is to bring down the gangster’s entire operation with the help of an honest FBI agent who is unaware of her true identity.

Pic will be exec produced by the Greenberg Group’s Randy Greenberg and Ross Dinerstein of Flame Ventures. Greenberg recently brought in the financing for Platinum Studios’ recent film, “Dead of Night,” done with Hyde Park Entertainment and Omnilab Media.

“Mal Chance” is a “wonderfully visual world steeped with contemporary and complex characters, all playing on the edge of life and death decisions,” Krantz said.

Platinum Studios, whose library of 5,600 comicbook characters makes it one of the largest independently held publishers of comicbooks and graphic novels, most recently set “Cowboys and Aliens” with DreamWorks, Universal and Imagine; Jon Favreau will direct, and Robert Downey Jr. is likely to star. Among other film projects, Platinum is developing “Unique” at Walt Disney Pictures with producer David Heyman and “Atlantis Rising” with DreamWorks, Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci and director Len Wiseman.

Krantz is producing and directing Antonio Banderas starrer “The Big Bang” with Flame Ventures.