The first ever Russian remake of an Asian film — Anders Banke’s “Newsmakers,” based on Johnnie To’s “Breaking News” — has notched up a slate of international sales following the film’s world premiere last month at New York’s Tribeca film festival.

Film’s sales agent and distributor Cinemavault said Wednesday that pic sold to Showbox for the U.K., New Select for Japan, ECS for the Middle East, Horizon for Turkey and Beijing United for China.

Produced by Moscow and Gothenburg-based producer Sam Klebanov, “Newsmakers” is a co-production between Moscow based Tandem Pictures and Gothenburg’s Illusion Film with support from the Swedish regional fund Film i Vast.

“In a change from the original Johnnie To version, ‘Newsmakers’ takes a more satirical tone as it sets the action in Moscow where an ambitious young police spokeswoman tries to salvage the public image of local law enforcement by creating a reality-TV show out of a mass police counter attack on a gang of armed robbers,” Cinemavault’s Ruby Rondina said, adding the company planned a theatrical release in Canada later this year.