Esalen co-founder Michael Murphy’s seminal tome “Golf in the Kingdom” is still trying to make it to the bigscreen after 37 years.

Film rights to the best-selling book, published in 1972, have been held by various studios over the years, most recently by Warners.

Now, “Golf” will be produced independently.

Santa Monica-based Lightning Entertainment is shopping the project at the Cannes Market.

Susan Stretfield is directing and producing with Mindy Affrime. George Stephanopoulos is exec producing.

David O’Hara, Mason Gamble, Frances Fisher and Malcolm McDowell are starring.

Murphy was at the forefront of the human potential movement, and founded Esalen to further that interest.

“Golf” revolves around a young man en route to India who stops off in Scotland to play at a legendary golf club. In a single day and night, his life is transformed after being paired with a mysterious man named Shivas Irons who shows him the extraordinary powers of golf.

Project was brought to Lightning by Jonathan Dana.