Jeonju fest honors Filipino director

'Imburnal' wins international award in S. Korea

JEONJU, South Korea — The Jeonju Film Festival, South Korea’s second largest fest after Pusan, wrapped its 10th edition on Friday, presenting the $10,000 prize in the international feature competition to Filipino helmer Sherad Anthony Sanchez’s “Imburnal.”

Pic, about two boys living in a slum, also received the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (Netpac) award.

Algerian helmer Tariq Teguia’s “Inland” won the special jury prize in the 13-pic competition.

In the Korean films competition, helmer Lee Seo’s “Missing Person” won the JJ-Star award for best pic, while helmer Sim Sang-kook’s “Where is Ronny” and helmer Min Hwan-ki’s “Sogyumo Acacia Band’s Story” received special mentions.

Helmer Shin Dong-il’s “Bandhobi,” a satire about migrant workers in Korea, won the audience award and the CJ CGV Korean film distribution support laurel, which means the cinema chain will screen the pic for two weeks.

The fest screened 200 films from 42 countries over nine days.

The number of guests was up to 2,061 from last year’s 1,836, with 131 members of the foreign press attending, up from last year’s 96.

Fest attracted 70,762 paid admissions, up 5,500 on the previous year, with a record 77.6% seating occupancy rate.

Notably, the fest reinforced industry programs this year, launching the Jeonju Project Market to help develop local films.

The mart organized the Jeonju Project Promotion, allowing producers to pitch features and documentaries.