After a decade spent creating special DVD content for the films of other directors, David Prior will make his feature helming debut on an untitled thriller for Intrepid Pictures.

Intrepid principals Trevor Macy and Marc D. Evans (“The Strangers”) set Prior to helm and also write a genre thriller based on a series of terrifying events that occurred in Wisconsin in the 1990s.

Prior has been a favorite of directors including David Fincher, Michael Bay, Peter Weir, Tim Burton, David Cronenberg and Guillermo del Toro, generating special footage on the DVD releases of their films.

“It’s a strange, circuitous route (to directing my own film), but I think I was the right guy to do this, in the right place at the right time,” said Prior, a former child actor.

Prior works on about three films each year, following the directors he admires from film to film. He made enough money to finance the 40-minute short “AM1200,” a horror film that served as a calling card and was well received at festivals. The short and his resume prompted Intrepid’s Macy and Evans to give him a shot. He’ll take a pay cut to direct his first feature.

Intrepid is prepping “The Strangers: Part 2” to shoot in September for Relativity.