Halcyon moves forward with ‘Tears’

Project will be first in Philip K. Dick deal

Halcyon toppers Victor Kubicek and Derek Anderson have picked “Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said” as the debut project they will produce through their first-look deal with sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick’s estate.

Dick won the 1975 John W. Campbell award for best science-fiction book for his story about a celebrity who wakes up after an assassination attempt to find no one has ever heard of him. The book was set in a futuristic dystopian America that had become a police state following a second civil war.

Halcyon secured first-look rights to Dick’s entire estate in 2007. Isa Dick Hackett and Laura Leslie, co-founders of Electric Shepherd Prods. — the production arm of Dick’s estate — will develop the project with Kubicek and Anderson. Dale Rosenbloom and John Alan Simon will also produce.

Previous Philip K. Dick adaptations include Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner,” Steven Spielberg’s “Minority Report” and Richard Linklater’s “A Scanner Darkly.”

No director or cast has been set yet.