Guido Rud at Buenos Aires’ FilmSharks Intl. has created the Trailer Co.

The outfit, owned and managed by FilmSharks, one of Latin America’s biggest international sales companies, specializes in the design of marketing tools, principally trailers, posters and ancillary aids.

The Trailer Co. addresses a radical imbalance in local distributors’ costs, especially on arthouse, speciality or niche films: On some titles, P&A costs vastly outweigh acquisition prices as prices continue to tumble for minimum guarantees paid by distributors.

As distributors in some territories — Brazil, for example — shift to revenue-sharing models, P&A is a distributor’s principal outlay. And in some parts of the world — Spain is one case — banks are increasingly reluctant to advance credit for P&A.

“In Argentina, we have a team that is specialized in the design of trailers and posters, which means we can offer everything in one-stop shopping,” said Rud.

The Argentinian peso’s fall against the dollar — 15% since last Cannes — means trailer production costs are now especially competitive, Rud said.

For indie films, trailer costs range from a low of $7,000 up to $25,000 according to the country, Rud said.

“We can deliver trailers for half those prices,” he added.